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Hogar- A Spanish word which symbolises 'home' is the epicentre of this brand. Although a foreign word, the crux of this label resonates with a pure form of Indianness in a very unique way. It is a platform that hosts multiple Home essential products curated by Indian traditional artisans and craftsmen, residing in varied parts of the country.

Established in the year 2020 The brand focuses on acquiring and selling products that are tested and proven to be superior in quality and carved with impeccable finishing. The products speak volumes on their durability, maintains incredible standards but most importantly they compliment a consumer's lifestyle through several subtle perfections.


Hogar focuses on home essential products from the kitchen to the bedroom;  however, the brand does have plans to venture into categories in the near future.

hogar glass tray


The products of Hogar are mainly sourced from villages which paves way for a sustainable rural development plan through employment of craftsmen and artisans. The talented workers also receive a retail and digital platform to sell their goods and showcase their age old art forms to millions. 

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